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What to Expect in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

About a hundred years ago, workers and management agreed on the Grand Bargain. Injured workers gave up their right to sue in court. Management funded a no-fault insurance system which sped financial r[...]

Top Five EEOC Cases

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles most employment discrimination claims in Illinois. However, because this agency is rather small, its lawyers refuse to prosecute many discriominatio[...]

Minimum Wage Pros and Cons

The minimum wage in Illinois is set to be $15 an hour by 2025. These increases involve some complex economic and social issues. Many workers and bosses are confused about the effect a minimum wage inc[...]

Top Seven Forms of Age Discrimination

In 2020, the Supreme Court reaffirmed an earlier ruling which stated that age discrimination plaintiffs must show “but for” causation. That is not a requirement in other employment discrimination [...]


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