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Employment Contracts: Five Red Flags

Getting a new job is exciting. You may be happy to get out of your current job and move on to something that offers better pay and benefits. Maybe you get to work remotely now, which is something you [...]

You Just Quit Your Job: Five Important Things You Should Know

You have been unhappy at your current job for months, and your employer’s demand that you put all personal plans aside and work the entire weekend on a last-minute project was the final insult. Your[...]

Paid Vacation and Time Off: What are Your Rights?

During times of high unemployment, many employees were happy just to have jobs, and questions about paid vacation and time off rights may not have been an immediate concern. Since the COVID-19- influe[...]

 Can You Be Fired While on Medical Leave?

The Family Medical Leave Act, also known as FMLA, is a labor law that requires employers to protect an employee's job while they are away for family or medical reasons. This can include instances [...]

Mitch Kline wins in the Appellate Court

Mitch Kline recently won an appeal in the Illinois Appellate Court. The case was against the Chicago Pension Board. Mitch was representing a Chicago police officer, who had worked fifteen years[...]

How to Develop an Effective Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Program

After the #MeToo movement hit the country several years ago, employers and people in general have become more aware of how pervasive sexual harassment is in society. It can happen anywhere, but it[...]