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How Do I Get a Disability Accommodation at Work?

One of my law school professors told us “you never get anything unless you ask.” In other words, we should always ask for things with confidence, especially if we are legally entitled to those thi[...]

FMLA Covered Conditions: A Closer Look

The 1993 Family Medical Leave Act is popular among Chicago working families. This federal law gives qualified employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid medical and family leave per year.  However, many e[...]

Top Five Occupational Diseases in Chicago

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for fall and other trauma injury victims in the workplace. This no-fault insurance system also applies to occupational disease victims. An occupational diseas[...]

Five Protected Employment Classes in Chicago

Illinois is an at-will employment state. In most cases, employers can hire or fire their workers at any time for good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all. However, employers can not act any wa[...]

Top Four FMLA Qualifying Events

In many ways, the Americans with Disabilities Act changed the landscape of employment discrimination cases. “Disability” was broadly defined. This term included a wide range of physical and emotio[...]

Sexual and Non-Sexual Workplace Harassment

Many people are confused about the difference between “bullying” and “harassment.” In some cases, these two words are synonymous. But in other cases, that is not true. Bullying is usually bell[...]


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