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What to Expect in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

About a hundred years ago, workers and management agreed on the Grand Bargain. Injured workers gave up their right to sue in court. Management funded a no-fault insurance system which sped financial r[...]

Top Five EEOC Cases

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles most employment discrimination claims in Illinois. However, because this agency is rather small, its lawyers refuse to prosecute many discriominatio[...]

Minimum Wage Pros and Cons

The minimum wage in Illinois is set to be $15 an hour by 2025. These increases involve some complex economic and social issues. Many workers and bosses are confused about the effect a minimum wage inc[...]

Top Seven Forms of Age Discrimination

In 2020, the Supreme Court reaffirmed an earlier ruling which stated that age discrimination plaintiffs must show “but for” causation. That is not a requirement in other employment discrimination [...]

FAQs About Reasonable Workplace Accommodations

The reasonable accommodation rule is one of the bedrock principles in the Americans With Disabilities Act. Disabled individuals who are otherwise qualified for a job must, by law, be provided with the[...]

Family Responsibilities Discrimination: A Closer Look

FRD, which is also known as marital status discrimination and parental status discrimination, is one of the newest additions to the job bias spectrum. In the waning days of his administration, Preside[...]