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Can Employers Fire Workers Because They Are Gay?

The ruling by the United States Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage by striking down state laws that ban same-sex unions is a landmark decision for our country. The ruling will have a huge impact o[...]

Man Sues Apple, Claims Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

People get fired from work all the time. There are all kinds of reasons that a company can choose to let an employee go. While many of those reason are legitimate, like poor performance, poor attendan[...]

Ford Fights Back in Latest Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual harassment lawsuits can be a very hot-button issue and usually those accused of such offenses don't take the charges lightly. While many sexual harassment suits can take a long time to reach a [...]

Wal-Mart Facing Discrimination Charges From the EEOC

Every workplace is unique and there are many different dynamics amongst co-workers. For the most part, despite those many differences in personalities and backgrounds, people are able to get along, at[...]

Hospital Avoids Trial, Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

There are all kinds of situations that can lead to sexual harassment. While in most instances sexual harassment involves someone in a position of authority abusing that authority in attempt to gain se[...]

Woman Claims She Was Asked to Leave Bar for Being Transgender

The gay and lesbian and transgender community are often misunderstood, and in many instances mistreated, for their sexual or gender orientation. People come from all walks of life and go through many [...]


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