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Employee Disabilities and Service Animals

If an employee in Chicago is disabled, what does the law say about permitting service animals in the workplace? To better understand employment discrimination surrounding employees with disabilities, [...]

Extending Federal LGBT Workplace Protections

If you are discriminated against at your place of employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, you are protected under the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5/). As such, employment di[...]

ADA Accommodation Requirements for the Hearing Impaired

Have you experienced discrimination in a place of business due to your hearing impairment?  It is important to understand that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are entitled to accommoda[...]

Racial Profiling in Chicago

Citizens rely on the police to serve and protect them. But what happens when the police resort to racial profiling to locate and detain law-abiding citizens?  If you’ve been involved in a police al[...]

Age Discrimination In the Workplace

As an older employee with your company, were you pressured to retire earlier than you’d have liked?  If so, you may be the victim of age discrimination.  The experienced attorneys at the Law Offic[...]

Accessing the Court if English is not your First Language

Are you trying to interact with the Chicago court system, but having difficulties because of limited English proficiency?  If so, you are one of thousands of residents facing the challenge of trying [...]