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Responding to an Employer Asking About Your Race

Ethnicity is a taboo subject to many people, but employers may lawfully ask about race in some cases. Depending on how the employer uses this information, the question could be discriminatory. In cont[...]

Telling Your Boss You are Pregnant

Delivering this news to your boss should not be a problem, but it is. About half of the workers in Illinois are women. The proportion is much higher in many professions. Additionally, 85% of working[...]

Five Signs of Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Cognitive impairments are the most common disability in America, followed closely by mobility impairments. Altogether, about a quarter of American workers have some kind of disability. Roughly speakin[...]

The Two Types of Age Discrimination

Discriminatory policies and harassing conduct are persistent issues in the United States. Only 12 states, not including Illinois, have an age-related hate crime enhancement. Furthermore, under federal[...]

How to Protect Your Rights as a Disabled Worker

The Americans with Disabilities Act is very broad. It protects workers who have a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.” This law also “protects individ[...]

How to Report Discrimination From a Supervisor in Illinois

Sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination are clearly illegal in Illinois. Yet less than 15% of these victims file formal discrimination complaints.  Many people do not feel s[...]