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How to Protect Your Rights as a Disabled Worker

The Americans with Disabilities Act is very broad. It protects workers who have a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.” This law also “protects individ[...]

How to Report Discrimination From a Supervisor in Illinois

Sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination are clearly illegal in Illinois. Yet less than 15% of these victims file formal discrimination complaints.  Many people do not feel s[...]

Steps to Take if You Suspect Racial Discrimination in Your Workplace

Racial discrimination is against the law, but that does not prevent it from being unfortunately common in the workplace. Still, it may come as a shock to encounter a racist business owner, supervisor,[...]

Top Five Examples of Reasonable Disability Accommodations in the Workplace

Under federal and state law, employees with disabilities who can perform essential job functions are entitled to reasonable accommodations. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a disabil[...]

Your Rights to Pregnancy Accommodations in the Workplace

Pregnancy discrimination complaints account for almost half of the job discrimination complaints in Chicagoland. Such job bias is especially common at either end of the employment scale, in low-wage, [...]

Appealing a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Since 2013, the initial workers’ compensation claim denial rate, which was already high, has increased by 20%. Many Claims Examiners deny claims for technical reasons, such as a failure to submit t[...]