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What is an EEOC Attorney and Why Do You Need One?

In a perfect world, no one would ever need an EEOC attorney. But we do not live in a perfect world. Frequently, employers mostly care only about their profits. They care little or nothing about their [...]

The Most Common Types of Workplace Harassment

Illinois workers have the right to a harassment-free workplace. Being able to recognize illegal harassment is an essential step toward protecting your rights in this area. Before you take legal action[...]

How to Tell if You are in a Hostile Work Environment

There are basically two forms of workplace sexual harassment. Quid pro quo harassment is the insistence on sexual favors for favorable treatment. Although quid pro quo harassment is usually subtle, it[...]

Mitch Kline Successfully Deposes Physics Nobel Prize Winner In Age Discrimination Case

Recently Mitch needed to depose his client’s supervisor, who had received a Nobel Prize in Physics. The university, where his client worked, had alleged that she had been terminated because of her p[...]

What to Expect in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

About a hundred years ago, workers and management agreed on the Grand Bargain. Injured workers gave up their right to sue in court. Management funded a no-fault insurance system which sped financial r[...]

Top Five EEOC Cases

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handles most employment discrimination claims in Illinois. However, because this agency is rather small, its lawyers refuse to prosecute many discriominatio[...]


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