Can My Employer Legally Fire Me Because of My Age?

Can My Employer Legally Fire Me Because of My Age?

Older adults represent a significant portion of the population. Many maintain active lifestyles, often working well past their retirement years. While employers benefit from their decades of experience and their dedicated work ethic, it is still not uncommon for older workers to encounter discriminatory actions and attitudes. Age discrimination is prohibited by law and legally, the age of a worker cannot influence hiring or firing decisions.  

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination is one of the most common types of discriminatory and illegal actions in the workplace. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it represents more than 20% of all discrimination claims. It particularly impacts older workers, who often find they face discrimination due to their age in regards to the following: 

  • In job applications and hiring decisions;
  • In the types of positions offered;
  • In regards to their salary and benefits;
  • In being passed over for promotions;
  • In being subjected to inappropriate jokes and harassment on the job;
  • In being fired, laid-off, or otherwise let go. 

Fired From a Job Due to Your Age?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers who are over the age of 40 from being discriminated against on their jobs. Employers who terminate workers for no valid reason and in violation of their contracts or other standard employment practices are guilty of wrongful termination and can face serious repercussions as a result. Actions you should take if you are subject to age discrimination or you suspect you were fired as a result of your age include: 

  • Document the situation, carefully recording dates of different incidents and the names of the people involved. 
  • Discuss the matter with your supervisor or human resources personnel. 
  • Contact our Chicago age discrimination employer, who can advise you on the laws that apply in your situation. 

Legal actions our Chicago discrimination law firm can take on your behalf include negotiating with the company for reinstatement, detailing any changes that need to be made, demanding that employees involved be held accountable, and filing a formal complaint. We may also be able to file a civil lawsuit against the company involved. In this type of claim, you may be entitled to compensation for wrongful termination based on age discrimination, which covers lost wages, benefits, and other damages you suffer. 

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