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Political Beliefs and the Workplace

Many of us enjoy spending time in the break room or hallway and discussing important events in our lives with our co-workers. Sometimes the conversation may turn to the state of the economy and the wo[...]

Can a Constructive Discharge be a Termination?

Workers have certain rights, and employers must follow the laws. For example, the Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits workplace harassment based upon protected classes such as race, religion, disa[...]

Unfair vs. Illegal: When to Call an Employment Attorney

Have you ever experienced something in the workplace that you thought was unfair? How about illegal? The thing is, unfair and illegal are not the same thing when it comes to employment. Employm[...]

What is a Whistleblower?

If you have faced retaliation or any other adverse action from your employer because you reported misconduct or violations of state or federal law at your place of employment, you could be a whist[...]


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