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How to Identify a Wrongful Termination

Like most other jurisdictions, Illinois is an at-will employment state. Most employees can quit at any time for good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all. Likewise, employers can fire workers at an[...]

Obesity, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Reasonable Accommodations

Much like cancer and many other chronic health conditions, obesity is usually a lifestyle condition, a genetic condition, or some combination of these two things. Since this disability has so many pos[...]

Top Five Occupational Diseases in Chicago

Most people know workers’ compensation applies to falls and other trauma injuries sustained at work. These benefits are available for occupational diseases, as well. These conditions occur over the [...]

What is Wrongful Termination and Am I a Victim?

Illinois is an at-will state when it comes to employment, which means that an employee can be fired for no reason at all. However, even as an at-will state, an employee can not be fired for illegal re[...]


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