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Ashburn Wage and Overtime Attorneys

Experienced Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorney Serving Clients in Ashburn, Illinois

You work hard on your job, and your employer has an obligation to pay you the wages and benefits you are owed. When situations involving disputes over these types of matters arise, the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline is here to help. Our experienced Ashburn wage and overtime dispute attorney provides the aggressive legal representation you need to assist you in getting the money you are owed. For more than 30 years, we have defended the rights and interests of workers, helping them to achieve successful results in these types of claims.

Federal Wage and Overtime Laws

Under federal law, employee wages are protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is enforced through the U.S. Department of Labor Wages and Hours Division (WHD). While there are some employers who are exempt from the FLSA, most are required to follow federal standards concerning the following:

  • Minimum wage requirements;
  • Overtime pay;
  • Recordkeeping of employee hours and pay;
  • Youth and child labor restrictions.

Provided they do not fall below federal levels, states have the right to establish minimum wages as well. In Illinois, the minimum wage workers may be paid is $8.25, a dollar above the federal minimum.

Laws Protecting the Wages of Workers in Illinois

On a state level, minimum wage and overtime requirements for workers are regulated by the Illinois Department of Labor (DOL). Employers who violate these requirements or fail to pay workers under contract agreements face stiff penalties. In addition to administrative fines imposed by the DOL, employers can be held legally liable in a claim filed on behalf of the employee, seeking the outstanding amount owed as well as interest payments until the debt is paid. These disputes often involve the following types of compensation:

  • Unpaid wages and those that fall below federal and state minimums;
  • Overtime payments;
  • Vacation and holiday pay;
  • Severance payments;
  • Unpaid commissions and bonuses;
  • Unauthorized deduction of wages.

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If you are experiencing problems in getting the compensation you are entitled to from your employer, contact our Ashburn wage and overtime dispute attorney today. At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, our legal knowledge and experience in handling these types of cases can assist you in successfully resolving your claim. We serve Ashburn and the surrounding Chicago area; call or contact us online today to request a consultation.

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