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Sexual harassment can cause lasting damage, impacting both your personal and professional life  If you are experiencing this type of discrimination in the workplace or are facing a lawsuit, the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline is here to help. Our experienced Chicago area sexual harassment attorneys bring more than 30 years’ experience to every client we serve, providing you with the caring, compassionate legal representation you need to get the best possible results in your case.

Illinois Sexual Harassment Laws

Sexual harassment is defined by both state and federal law as discrimination, and offenders could find themselves forced to pay high amounts in compensation to their victims. Under the Illinois Human Rights Act, sexually harassing behavior is considered to be unwanted sexual advances and conduct or requests for sexual favors that often are a condition of the job or a factor in providing raises or promotions. Creating a hostile work environment, this type of behavior includes:

  • Sexual jokes and comments;
  • Explicit emails or flyers;
  • Propositioning and pressuring coworkers for dates;
  • Whistling and making catcalls or other types of sounds;
  • Unwanted hugging, touching, or rubbing against;
  • Making sexual comments about an employee to other workers.

Sexual Harassment Can Impact Anyone

Sexual harassment can impact anyone, regardless of your gender or sexual identity. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) conditions that qualify as harassment include:

  • Cases involving men or women as either the harasser or victim;
  • Situations in involving members of the same sex;
  • Victims indirectly impacted by offensive conduct in their work environment.

Just because there were no job or financial losses does not mean harassment did not occur. The EEOC advises that victims may still file a claim, and are legally protected against retaliation by their employers for speaking out on their own or another’s behalf or for participating in harassment lawsuits.    

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