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Chicago Civil Rights Attorneys

State and federal civil rights laws protect your personal freedoms and prevent discrimination. In situations in which your rights are violated, you can count on our Chicago civil rights attorney at The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline to provide the professional legal representation you need. 

Our Chicago Civil Rights Attorneys Protect You Against Civil Rights Violations

The federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of the most important laws in American history. It prohibits segregation, uneven application of voter registration laws, and prevents discrimination in the workplace. 

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employers as prohibited from discriminating based on color, national origin, race, religion, or sex. Additional civil rights laws prevent discrimination based on age, disabled status, pregnancy or family status, sexual orientation, or status as a military service member. This includes any of the following: 

  • Unfair employment hiring practices;
  • Discriminatory policies in regards to job pay, positions held, and promotions;
  • Situations involving hostile work environments, in which harassment, name calling, offensive jokes, and other discriminatory behavior is allowed to go unchecked;
  • Wrongful terminations based on discrimination or when employees speak out against it;
  • Discrimination in housing or educational programs;
  • Discrimination at the hands of law enforcement or other authorities. 

When facing these types of situations, reach out to The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. Our Chicago civil rights attorney protects you and can outline your options in regards to getting justice through a civil rights claim. 

How Our Chicago Civil Rights Attorneys Can Help You

When facing violations of your civil rights at work or in other situations, such as in dealing with law enforcement officials, you need someone experienced in state and federal laws on your side. At The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, we have been representing clients in these types of cases for over 30 years. You can count on our Chicago civil rights to provide the trusted legal guidance you need and to take the following actions on your behalf: 

  • Thoroughly review your case and explain how the Illinois Civil Rights Act and other laws apply;
  • Outlines the legal recourse available and your options in terms of filing a claim;
  • Provide formal notice to employers or others involved, informing them of civil rights violations and corrective actions required;
  • Protecting you against further discriminatory actions or retaliation;
  • File a civil rights lawsuit, seeking compensation for damages you suffered. 

Reach Out to a Chicago Civil Rights Attorney Today

Civil rights violations can end up impacting every area of your life. At The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, we are dedicated to protecting your civil rights and holding those who violate them accountable. To get the trusted legal guidance you need, reach out and call or contact our Chicago civil rights attorneys online and request a consultation today.

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