Chicago Disability Discrimination Attorney

Chicago Disability Discrimination Attorney

Disability Discrimination Lawyers Representing Clients in Chicago, Illinois

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against job applications or employees because of a disability. Whether you have applied for a job and faced disability discrimination or you have faced disability discrimination in your current workplace, you could be eligible to file a claim under state or federal law. Disability discrimination can include discrimination on the basis of a physical or a mental condition, and discrimination can take many different forms. In some cases, an employer might ask unlawful questions about your disability during the interview process and might decline to hire you as a result of a disability. Or for example, an employer might refuse to reasonably accommodate an employee with a disability or might terminate an employee who discloses a disability and requests a reasonable accommodation.

An experienced Chicago disability discrimination attorney at the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline can assess your circumstances and can discuss your options with you for filing a claim.

What is Disability Discrimination in Chicago?

Disability discrimination in the workplace can take many different forms, and it is important to understand that state and federal laws prohibit all of the following behaviors or actions concerning job applications or employees with disabilities:

  • Mistreating an applicant or employee because they have a disability or are associated with someone who has a disability;
  • Harassment of an employee at work on the basis of a disability or perceived disability;
  • Asking a job applicant or employee about their health (with limited exceptions);
  • Taking any type of adverse action against an applicant or employee with a disability, including after the party has requested a reasonable accommodation; and
  • Refusing to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee with a disability. 

Chicago Laws Prohibiting Disability Discrimination

The two primary laws that protect against disability discrimination in Chicago workplaces include:

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations and Disability Law in Chicago

According to the ADA, a person who has a disability is someone for whom one of the following is true:

  • Has a physical or mental impairment that limits their daily activities;
  • Has a history of an impairment described above; or
  • Is perceived by others as having an impairment as described above.

When a person has a disability, they can request reasonable accommodation from their employer. Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations as long as such requests do not create an undue hardship for the employer.

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If you have faced discrimination on the basis of a disability while applying for a job or during your employment, it is essential to get help from a lawyer. At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, we represent plaintiffs in a wide range of employment law cases, and we have been serving the community for more than 30 years. Disability discrimination is unlawful, and it is critical to take steps to hold the employer accountable and to seek a remedy. An experienced Chicago disability law attorney can speak with you about your unique situation today. Contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline for more information about the employment law services we provide in the Chicago area.