Chicago Employment Law Attorney

Chicago Employment Law Attorney

Chicagoans normally respond very well to adversity. The Great Fire of 1871 nearly destroyed the city. Less than 30 years later, Chicago was the fifth largest city in the world. Additionally, the new Chicago was home to new construction styles and new urban planning ideas. Subsequent Chicagoans built on this foundation, making the city into the mecca it is today.

Adversity might be part of life in Chicago, but employees do not have to tolerate adversity in the workplace. Instead, they have important rights, and at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline, our Chicago employment law attorneys enforce these rights. Our professional team stands up for you, both in court and during pretrial settlement negotiations. In these disputes, your former boss will likely have assertive legal representation. You need the same thing in order to level the playing field.

What We Do

Since the city has long been a magnet for immigrants, today’s Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the Union. People come here because they want to work hard, and they want the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, some employers make these seemingly simple goals difficult to reach. As a result, our attorneys handle a wide variety of employment law matters in Chicago, including:

  • Harassment/Assault: Employers have a duty to provide harassment-free work environments. That includes a harassment-free remote work environment. Additionally, employers cannot look the other way or lay the blame elsewhere when assaults occur on their property or to their workers.
  • Wage/Overtime Disputes: These federal and state laws are rather complex. Many employers take advantage of this complexity to cheat workers out of their rightful wages. Our Chicago employment lawyers firmly believe that an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Injured workers, whether that injury is a trauma injury like a fall or an occupational disease like repetitive stress disorder, are entitled to no-fault insurance benefits that compensate them for their economic losses.
  • Wrongful Termination: This area could be direct or indirect. Direct wrongful termination claims usually involve illegal discrimination. Indirectly, some employers make life so difficult for their workers that they are forced to leave their positions.

In the thriving Chicago economy, workers often become bosses. We also help growing small businesses manage these issues, so everyone stays safer, happier, and more productive.

Our Approach

Aggrieved employees have the burden of proof in court. So, evidence collection is an important part of our job as Chicago employment law attorneys. Typically, this evidence includes witness statements. Tangible physical evidence, like bank records, are often compelling as well.

Evidence gathering by itself is not enough. Pieces of evidence are often like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Our skilled Chicago employment law attorneys must put this evidence together and make a compelling picture for jurors to follow.

As mentioned, many of these claims settle out of court. But we never take shortcuts in this process, and we never simply take the first offer. 

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Employees have important rights in Illinois. For a free consultation with an experienced Chicago employment lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline.