Cook County Sexual Harassment Training

Cook County Sexual Harassment Training

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is one of the most aggressive federal watchdog agencies. If there is any evidence of widespread or recurrent sexual harassment, a massive investigation usually follows. At this point, many companies pay tens of thousands of dollars in settlement money. Although these settlements contain no admission of liability, in the court of public opinion, paying a settlement is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

Cook County sexual harassment training from an experienced professional like Mitchell Kline helps your business avoid all these problems. Owners and supervisors who know the law are less likely to break it, especially if they know all the consequences. And, the EEOC often shies away from tough opponents. In short, effective sexual harassment training might be the best kind of business interruption insurance you can buy.

Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

For the most part, these matters occur with very little judicial supervision. So, in most cases, the EEOC has a great deal of leeway. Government excesses might be successfully challenged on appeal, but that is a long and expensive process.

Typically, when EEOC investigators verify complaints, the agency sends a demand letter to an employer. Frequently, these letters cite unlawful retaliation, which is the easiest type of sexual harassment to prove in court.

Unless the employer settles the case after some brief negotiations, the EEOC normally files suit in federal court. Costs accumulate quickly, and not just the direct economic costs mentioned above.

A sexual harassment lawsuit makes it more difficult to attract and retain good employees. Moreover, because owners are so preoccupied with the lawsuit, they often fall a step behind the competition.

Illinois Training Program Requirements

The Workplace Transparency Act, which took effect in 2020, effectively transformed the landscape of Cook County sexual harassment training programs. Brief online tutorials that pay lip service to federal laws are no longer sufficient. Instead, the training program must cover:

  • Legal definition of all kinds of sexual harassment,
  • Real-world examples of such conduct,
  • Examination of all federal and state laws, and
  • Overview of employer responsibilities.

Such training must take place at least annually. Furthermore, the fines for noncompliance increased from a slap on the wrist to several thousands of dollars. Companies with more than four employees, including the owner, must comply with the WTA.

The Difference We Offer

Some Cook County sexual harassment training program directors offer theoretical experience. Mitchell Kline offers that, and more. Mitch is a former department store owner in Chicago, so he has experienced the problems business-owners experience. Furthermore, Mitch is a former administrative law judge. In that capacity, he resolved thousands of sexual harassment lawsuits. Finally, Mitch is an experienced employment law attorney. He knows how these cases and investigations work, and he knows how to avoid them.

We customize training programs for individual clients. Some employee groups respond well to live lectures and others respond better to online platforms. Whatever approach we use, you can rest assured that it exceeds WTA requirements and will help your company stay out of legal trouble.

Our focus is on relationships and not just programs. When training ends, we are still there to serve your legal needs.

Contact a Thorough Lawyer

Effective sexual harassment training is the stitch in time that saves nine. For a free consultation with an experienced Cook County sexual harassment training attorney, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. We routinely handle matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions.