Des Plaines Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Des Plaines Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most deeply-ingrained kinds of employment discrimination. Employers do not like to give employees extended leave. Furthermore, many employers believe that new mothers will leave the workforce. They fear that the time and money they invested in training those workers will go to waste.

Because of this environment, it is important to have an aggressive Des Plaines pregnancy discrimination lawyer on your side. In these disputes, employers have lawyers working for them. At the Law Office of Mitchell Kline, we level the playing field. We work hard to uphold your legal and financial rights.

Types of Pregnancy Discrimination

The Civil Rights Act and Pregnancy Discrimination Act both protect women from all forms of pregnancy discrimination. Illinois has a number of laws, as well. These provisions protect women at all phases of the employment relationship, including things like hiring/firing and promotion/demotion.

The aforementioned economic factors are not the only reason pregnancy discrimination is deeply ingrained. Many employers justify their own actions in their own minds. For example, a company may take a pregnant employee off a production line because it says the chemicals could affect the baby’s health. That decision belongs to the employee, and not the employer. Furthermore, company officials may be more concerned about a potential lawsuit than their employee’s health. 

Damages in a pregnancy discrimination claim usually include back pay, front pay, and other economic losses. Back pay is the money employers wrongfully deny discrimination victims when they illegally fire them. Front pay is the money the victim would have received had she remained there. Other economic losses may include things like job search expenses and relocation expenses.

Remedies Available to Pregnancy Discrimination Victims

These damages are available if the employee can make a pregnancy discrimination case. Essentially, any adverse action against a pregnant employee is probably grounds for a valid discrimination case. If the employer claims there was a neutral reason for its action, the victim may rebut that evidence in court.

Generally, victims must first bring their claims to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC is the federal agency charged with upholding employment discrimination laws. EEOC lawyers only purse claims in a tiny percentage of the cases they review. 

Typically, the case must be a “slam-dunk” win with a huge amount of damages that furthers the EEOC’s political agenda at the time. If even one element is missing, the EEOC issues a right to sue letter. This letter does not mean your claim is weak. It simply means that the EEOC did not want to stand up for your rights, for whatever reason.

After victims receive the right to sue letters, they may partner with a Des Plaines pregnancy discrimination lawyer. This professional stands up for you, and not a political agenda. Moreover, an attorney understands that you deserve compensation and justice, regardless of the dollar figures.

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Pregnancy discrimination affects many women in Cook County. For a free consultation with an experienced Des Plaines pregnancy discrimination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. After-hours visits are available.