Glenwood Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Glenwood Sexual Harassment Lawyer

The serene environment of Glenwood, like the forest groves and ancient lakeshore, make some people forget that Glenwood is a hard-working area. People go to their jobs every day to provide for their families and contribute to society. However, sometimes these jobs involve environments or activities that make people uncomfortable. If that unpleasantness is of a sexual nature, an attorney may be able to help remedy the situation.

At the Law Office of Mitchell Kline, our Glenwood sexual harassment lawyers work hard to build a legal claim. We research the law, gather evidence, form a plan, and then execute a plan. Much like Glenwood itself, all this work takes place in a secure and serene place where you can feel comfortable.

Types of Sexual Harassment in Illinois

Although women have been a big part of the American workforce since World War II, many Glenwood-area companies are dominated by men. That is especially true in certain sectors, like engineering and firefighting. On the other end of the scale, certain other professions, like nursing and teaching, have long been dominated by women. Environments like these, where there is an uneven distribution of power, often give rise to incidents like:

  • Hostile Environment: When most workers belong to the same gender, they often feel comfortable talking a certain way and behaving a certain way. These individuals are unaware that the environment makes the other gender uncomfortable. Or perhaps they do not care. Either way, if the environment makes it difficult to do your job, the environment may be legally hostile.
  • Quid Pro Quo: Romantic relationships at work are usually not illegal. But if work and personal relationships overlap, a line may have been crossed. That is especially true if Mary feels pressured to go out on a date with John because she believes he can give her a leg up at work.

Transgender sexual harassment claims, particularly hostile environment claims, are on the rise as well. The law is a bit uncertain here, which is why it is so important to have a good Glendale sexual harassment lawyer on your side in these cases.

Retaliation Claims in Cook County

Many times, sexual harassment claims have nothing to do with sexual harassment. Instead, attorneys can pursue retaliation claims. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission uses this strategy a lot. Typically, the EEOC files more retaliation claims than any other kind of employment discrimination claim. Retaliation includes things like:

  • Verbal discipline,
  • Write-ups or other written discipline,
  • Transfer to an unfavorable location,
  • Reassignment to an unfavorable division,
  • Losing privileges or duties,
  • Demotion, and
  • Termination.

It is illegal for management to retaliate against workers when they participate in protected activities. In the sexual harassment context, this umbrella includes things like reporting sexual harassment, standing up against harassment in the workplace, and serving as a witness in a sexual harassment investigation.

Retaliation claims are easier to prove than sexual harassment claims. Generally, a Glenwood sexual harassment lawyer need only establish a temporal relationship. For example, if Mary complains about harassment on Monday and has a different desk on Wednesday, legally, the two events are connected.

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Sexual harassment can occur anywhere, but it is especially prominent in certain areas. For a free consultation with an experienced Glenwood sexual harassment lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. After-hours visits are available.