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Homewood Employment Discrimination Lawyer

In a perfect world, people would always treat other people the same regardless of any racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, or other differences. We do not live in a perfect world, however. In fact, even after so many people sacrificed so much for equal employment rights, unequal treatment is the order of the day in many workplaces.

Experienced Homewood employment discrimination lawyer Mitchell A. Kline does not tolerate such discrepancies, especially when they run afoul of federal and state workplace equality laws. In fact, he has dedicated the last several decades of his legal practice to fighting such discrimination. The professional team at the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Kline has more than the dedication necessary to stand up for your rights. We also have the toughness and skills these situations require.

Types of Employment Discrimination in Homewood

Discrimination in the workplace is not always easy to identify. Sometimes, the unequal treatment is intentional and blatant. Other times, however, employers adopt policies which they believe are neutral and even beneficial, yet they have a discriminatory impact, and that impact is illegal under state and federal law.

Furthermore, these claims may arise at any time during the employer-employee relationship. Entry and exit-level decisions, like hiring and firing, can be discriminatory, along with everyday events, such as sexual harassment.

Some recent Supreme Court decisions have made it easier to bring claims in court for discriminatory treatment due to:

  • Race,
  • National origin,
  • Age,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Disability, and
  • Sexual Orientation.

All these protected classes have certain requirements. For example, age discrimination usually involves workers over 40, and in many cases, sexual orientation also includes gender identity. A veteran Homewood employment discrimination lawyer can evaluate the facts and determine if you have a claim for relief.

Remedies Available in Cook County

This claim for relief, if successful, produces both compensation and justice in employment discrimination cases. The compensation usually includes money for lost wages as well as other ancillary costs, such as moving and job search expenses and emotional distress. Furthermore, most Cook County judges include reinstatement orders. The employer must do more than re-hire the victim. The employer must guarantee the same wages, benefits, responsibility, and seniority. If reinstatement is not a practical remedy, for whatever reason, additional compensation may be available.

Furthermore, your employment discrimination claim brings injustice to light. Your efforts do not just help yourself and your family. They force the employer to change the way it does business, thus protecting your fellow employees. Success in employment discrimination cases could mean a favorable verdict at trial or a favorable out-of-court settlement.

Connect with an Aggressive Lawyer

Even in at-will employment states like Illinois, wrongful termination is illegal. For a free consultation with an experienced Homewood employment discrimination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. We do not charge upfront legal fees in employment discrimination cases.