Labor Lawyers in Chicago

Labor Lawyers in Chicago

As a worker, labor laws protect your rights on the job regarding the workplace, wages, and benefits. When employers violate these laws, it can jeopardize your health, finances, and job security. At the Law Office Of Mitchell A. Kline, we protect your rights in these situations. With over 30 years of experience as labor lawyers in Chicago, you can count on us to hold employers accountable and successfully resolve the problems you are experiencing. 

Labor Law Violations and How They Can Impact You on the Job

Labor laws prevent employers from engaging in practices that put worker’s health, safety, and financial security at risk. Federal regulations and labor laws listed under the Illinois Statutes protect you, but workers are often unclear on how they apply and face adverse actions for challenging employers on these issues. 

At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, we provide the legal protection you need to defend your rights. Common types of problems our labor lawyers in Chicago help clients to address include:

  • Denied unemployment, workers’ compensation, and other types of claims;
  • Discrimination claims, based on your age, gender, nationality, race, religion, or other factors;
  • Employment contract disputes, impacting your job and your rights to certain benefits;
  • Hostile workplace allegations, which can take a toll on your both personally and professionally;
  • Retaliation and whistleblower claims, which can arise when you speak out about unfair or unsafe workplace conditions;
  • Wage disputes, which can rob you of income you are otherwise entitled to;
  • Any type of employment related issues that jeopardize your rights on the job. 

As Experienced Labor Lawyers in Chicago, We are on Your Side

While rules and regulations set forth by the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) and other state and federal agencies are specific when it comes to the rights of workers, defending yourself often proves challenging. When it comes to dealing with your employer and determining how different laws apply in your case, you can count on the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Kline to act as a strong legal ally on your side. Actions our labor lawyers in Chicago can take on your behalf include: 

  • Reviewing the circumstances surrounding your case;
  • Determining which labor laws apply;
  • Notifying your employer of violations;
  • Preventing them from taking retaliatory action against you;
  • Filing claims with the appropriate government agency;
  • Making sure you are compensated for any lost income, benefits, or other damages you suffer. 

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With over 30 years of experience, our labor lawyers in Chicago can be counted on to provide the trusted legal representation you need when problems arise on the job. To discuss how we can help you, call or contact the Law Office Of Mitchell A. Kline online and request a consultation today.