Lansing Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Lansing Employment Discrimination Lawyer

The Village of Lansing is one of the most diverse Chicago suburbs. The proportion of white and nonwhite residents is roughly equal. Additionally, many families trace their roots back to Eastern, Central, and Western European nations like Poland, Germany, and Ireland. Many local workplaces reflect this diversity as well. Like the village itself, this diversity strengthens Lansing workplaces.

The Lansing employment discrimination lawyers at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline protect this diversity by fighting illegal treatment. This passion combines the mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board. So, if these bureaucrats fail to protect your rights, you can count on our Lansing employment discrimination lawyers to stand up for you.

Everyday Discrimination in Chicago

When employees arrive at work, they have the right to do their jobs without tolerating employer-sponsored harassment. Many times, this harassment is sexual in nature. Occasional dirty jokes and inappropriate remarks quickly add up and create a hostile work environment. If you do not feel comfortable at work, you may have a sexual harassment claim.

Workplace policies may also discriminate against certain groups. Many times, the discrimination is unintentional. Wellness programs are a good example. Frequently, such initiatives discriminate against disabled individuals. The employer’s good intentions are not a defense to a discrimination action. Employment discrimination law applies just the same.

One would think that intentional discrimination would be a thing of the past. That is not always true, however, especially in the employment context. Many bosses blatantly discriminate against certain groups of people, like pregnant women. These individuals believe they can get away with their misconduct, but they have not encountered our aggressive Lansing employment discrimination lawyers.

Decision-Level Discrimination in Cook County

These discriminatory acts usually involve hiring, firing, and promotion. Despite what some employers believe, federal and state anti-discrimination laws apply equally in all three situations.

When employers hire new workers, everyone must compete on a level playing field. If a person meets the minimum qualifications, the person has the right to interview for the position. If the employer must make accommodations for disabled individuals, then the employer must do so. Furthermore, employers cannot exclude groups of applicants. Technology and other firms which run advertisements for “digital natives” are arguably age discriminatory.

As mentioned, promotion or demotion cannot be connected in any way to a discriminatory practice. These decisions must be based entirely on neutral factors, such as work record, aptitude, and business need.

Termination-level discrimination is a bit more difficult to establish, at least at first. Many people do not know why they were let go. But generally, if you were a member of a protected class and someone from outside that class replaced you, discrimination was probably involved.

Protected classes include things like gender, age, disability, race, and national origin. All these classes are broadly defined.

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In Illinois, a discrimination-free workplace is not an option. For a free consultation with an experienced Lansing employment discrimination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. After-hours visits are available.