Oak Park Employment Discrimination

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Were you fired from your job as a result of your pregnancy? Did your employer refuse to promote you because of your race? Has an employee claimed that he was demoted because of his religion? There are many different forms of employment discrimination that can lead to an employment discrimination lawsuit. If you believe you were the victim of workplace discrimination in Oak Park or if an employee has accused you of discrimination, it is important to discuss your case with an Oak Park employment discrimination lawyer as soon as possible.

Oak Park Employment Discrimination Under State and Federal Law

There are currently federal and state laws that prohibit certain forms of discrimination in the workplace in Oak Park, which include but are not limited to:

  • Illinois Human Rights Act;
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA); and
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Employees also have certain protections against discrimination under the United States Constitution, as well as under the Illinois Constitution. It is important to recognize that there are certain protections under the Illinois Human Rights Act that are not yet protections under federal law. For instance, the Illinois Human Rights Act protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation—a protection that is not yet present in the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Common Types of Employment Discrimination Lawsuits in Oak Park

Under both state and federal law, it is unlawful to discriminate in hiring, promoting, or terminating employees. There are numerous forms of illegal discrimination under the Illinois Human Rights Act, including but not limited to discrimination based on:

  • Race;
  • Color;
  • Religion;
  • Sex;
  • National origin;
  • Ancestry;
  • Age;
  • Order of protection status;
  • Marital status;
  • Physical disability;
  • Mental disability;
  • Military status;
  • Sexual orientation; or
  • Unfavorable military discharge.

There are numerous differences between filing a federal claim in state court versus filing a state claim. If you believe you may be eligible to file an employment discrimination claim, it is extremely important to discuss specific options with an Oak Park employment discrimination attorney. And if you are an employer who is facing employment discrimination charges, we can assist with your case.

Where Employment Discrimination Claims in Oak Park Should Be Filed

If you are filing an employment discrimination claim in Illinois, you will need to file your claim either with the state’s Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If you are eligible to file either a state or a federal claim, it is possible to cross-file the claim. There are, however, certain timelines that you must abide by.

If you file your claim with the IDHR, it must be filed within 180 days. The EEOC has a slightly longer filing period, and your claim must be filed within 300 days. Given the relatively short length of time, you should speak with an Oak Park employment discrimination lawyer as soon as possible.

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