Oak Park Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Oak Park Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Despite #MeToo and other awareness campaigns, workplace sexual harassment might be more common today than at any time in history. Many victims are embarrassed to come forward. They are convinced that they are somehow responsible. Other victims feel there is nothing they can do. They believe sexual harassment matters are he said-she said affairs. Still, other victims fear retaliation.

If you were a sexual harassment victim at work, let the experienced Oak Park sexual harassment lawyers at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline help you. Regardless of the circumstances, any form of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, is never the victim’s fault. Additionally, our experienced lawyers know how to build solid claims and prevent illegal retaliation. In short, you have rights, and we work to protect them. 

Types of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment takes on many forms. In some workplaces, offensive conduct is part of the corporate culture. Management may have tolerated such conduct for many years. As a result, the offenders might not know they are doing anything wrong. Other people participate in it because they think they can get away with it.

The Oak Park sexual harassment lawyers at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline are aggressive advocates for victims of sexual harassment because that is the only way to change corrupt corporate cultures. Some specific kinds of cases we handle include:

  • Quid Pro Quo: Supervisors and bosses often tie preferential treatment to sexual favors. Some of these instances are subtle, such as a private lunch to discuss a big project. However, regardless of intent, all of these instances are illegal.
  • Hostile Environment: Part of the aforementioned corrupt culture often includes things like jokes, off-color remarks, and suggestive computer wallpaper. The informal “grandmother rule” usually applies in these situations. If the conduct was not something a grandmother would tolerate, it was probably illegal.

Retaliation for participating in a protected activity is an indirect form of sexual harassment. Retaliation generally means any adverse action, such as sidelining, disciplinary action, or loss of privilege. In this context, protected activities include serving as a witness in a sexual harassment investigation, filing a complaint, and encouraging others to report misconduct.

Your Claim for Damages

Essentially, the procedure for Illinois sexual harassment matters is a three-tiered claims process.

Internal investigations are first. When they receive sexual harassment reports, companies have a duty to conduct full, impartial investigations. These investigations must be swift, but they must also be thorough. The resulting action should be decisive and be favorable toward the victim.

Frequently, the internal investigation is deficient in at least one area. After all, the employer controls them from start to finish.

Next comes an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint. The EEOC is the federal agency in charge of workplace harassment complaints. This agency also handles discrimination matters.

Politics and money dominate the EEOC. If a case does not jive with a political agenda, the EEOC normally does not take it. If the defendant is not a large corporation and the facts are at all unclear, the EEOC usually passes.

Do not be surprised if you did not obtain justice at step one or step two. These setbacks simply free you to partner with the aggressive Oak Park sexual harassment lawyers at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline. We are on your side the whole way.

Reach Out to a Diligent Lawyer

All forms of sexual harassment are wrong. For a free consultation with an experienced Oak Park sexual harassment lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline.