Orland Park Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Orland Park Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Because of its proximity to several interstate highways, Orland Park is something of a transportation hub. That is good news for many workers, but not good news for many female workers. The transportation industry is a historically male-dominated industry which, intentionally or unintentionally, often discriminates against female workers. Recently, the law has expanded to protect female, transgender, and other individuals, but workplace harassment and discrimination still occur across all industries in Orland Park every day. 

At the Law Office of Mitchell Kline, our Orland Park gender discrimination lawyers quickly review your claim and identify any problem areas. Then, we stand up for employee rights, both in court and at the negotiating table. Because of our experience and dedication, we are often able to achieve results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Disparate Impact Discrimination

This form of discrimination is probably the most common kind of gender bias in Orland Park. Disparate impact is indirect and possibly unintentional discrimination. Legally, employers usually have a right, and in some cases, an obligation, to treat different employees differently. Disabled employees are a good example. Typically, employers have a responsibility to give these individuals the reasonable accommodations they need to do their jobs.

However, if that different treatment hurts people in protected classes instead of helping them, an Orland Park gender discrimination lawyer can help those impacted stand up for their rights in the workplace. 

Some employers have practices and policies in place that encourage sexual harassment and discrimination. For example, some companies have different rules for male-dominated and female-dominated jobs. A company might have a different dress code for drivers, who are mostly men, and office workers, who are mostly women.

If any company policy disproportionately and adversely affects female employees, it may violate the Civil Rights Act or another anti-discriminatory provision. Therefore, an Orland Park gender discrimination lawyer may be able to help those unfairly impacted obtain compensation.

Disparate Treatment Discrimination

It is hard to believe that disparate treatment bias still exists in the 21st century. Yet many employers have policies or practices which blatantly and unapologetically discriminate against women. Many times, these employers hope that no one will complain or, if rumblings arise, they threaten employees with retaliation if they take the matter further.

Pregnancy discrimination, which is a subset of gender discrimination, is a good illustration of this point. It is a standing policy at some companies not to hire pregnant women because the company does not want to pay for maternity leave. Some companies assign pregnant women to light-duty assignments which, in many cases, are lower-paying. Many employers justify these moves by saying that more physically demanding duties may have exposed the unborn child to risk. However, reassignment is not the employer’s decision. Only the mother can make that call.

Some companies also pay female employees less than male employees. Such pay discrepancy is usually, but not always, discriminatory. This conduct could fall under disparate treatment or disparate impact discrimination.

Work with a Diligent Attorney

Sex-based discrimination comes in many forms. For a free consultation with an experienced Orland Park gender discrimination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. We routinely handle matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions.