Passionate Wrongful Termination Attorneys Bridgeport

Passionate Wrongful Termination Attorneys Bridgeport

Many workers are fired or terminated from their jobs. While many people take employment termination pretty hard, it is important to carefully analyse your termination to determine whether your termination was wrongful. Many workers in Illinois are “at-will” employees, meaning that either the worker, or the employer, may terminate the work relationship for any reason. However, the termination of a worker cannot violate:

  • An employment agreement.
  • State law.
  • Federal law.

If an employee’s termination violates an employment agreement, state or federal law, then there is a good chance that the employee was wrongfully terminated.

Termination in Violation of An Employment Agreement

Some workers have an employment agreement with their employer that lays out the terms and conditions of the worker’s employment. An employment agreement is a legally binding contract, which cannot be terminated prior to its prescribed conclusion (e.g., the end date of the employment agreement specified in the employment agreement, or prior to the completion of a project by the worker). Early termination of an employee who has an employment agreement places the employer in breach of the employment contract.  Employees who are wrongfully terminated in violation of an employment agreement can seek legal remedies under contract law.

Termination That Is Illegal

As a general rule, workers can be fired for good reason, or no reason at all. However, if the reason that a worker is fired is an illegal one, i.e., the basis for the employee’s termination is based on something that violates state or federal law, then the termination is wrongful. Reasons for a termination that are illegal include:

  • Termination based on discrimination, which can be on the basis of the employee’s race, color, national origin, religion, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity citizenship status, military status, unfavorable military discharge, pregnancy, marital status, arrest record, status as a victim of domestic violence, order of protection status or a lack of a permanent mailing address.
  • Termination that is retaliatory, meaning that the worker is fired for engaging in legally protected activity, which can include things like taking time off from work to vote, filing a discrimination complaint, filing a sexual harassment complaint, whistleblowing when the employer has broken the law, such as environmental violations or labor violations, or filing for workers’ compensation.

Damages For Wrongful Termination

When a worker is wrongfully terminated under the law, the worker could be entitled to damages. Based on the reasons why you were terminated, you may be entitled to statutory damages, other expenses, and/or lost wages. In some cases, you may be eligible for punitive damages (damages that the employer has to pay you as punishment for its wrongful actions), attorney’s fees and court costs.

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