Pregnancy Discrimination Skokie

Pregnancy Discrimination Skokie

Pregnant employees are protected against discrimination, retaliation and other forms of mistreatment. Yet this form of discrimination continues to be prevalent in Illinois. Experiencing pregnancy discrimination at work can be a distressing and challenging ordeal, which is why taking legal action is important to securing the compensation that you deserve. The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline stands ready to assist you. With over 30 years of experience, we are well-equipped to advocate for your rights. If you suspect that you have fallen victim to pregnancy discrimination, don’t hesitate to call our firm for a consultation.

How Does Pregnancy Discrimination Manifest In the Workplace?

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is a pressing issue that can have severe repercussions for both employees and employers. This discriminatory behavior can manifest itself in various forms such as job loss, denial of promotions, unequal pay, and unfair treatment. These actions not only violate the rights of pregnant employees but also contravene the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) and other federal laws.

Legal Implications of Pregnancy Discrimination

Under the IHRA, pregnancy is recognized as a legally protected class, mandating employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees. These accommodations may encompass light-duty work, extended breaks, private breastfeeding spaces, modified work schedules, and transfer to less strenuous positions. Employers are expressly prohibited from compelling pregnant employees to take leave if a reasonable accommodation can be provided.

The IHRA also emphasizes on job restoration. Unless an undue hardship can be proven by the employer, an employee affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions must be reinstated to their original job or to an equivalent position bearing the same pay, seniority, benefits, and retirement.

Contesting Pregnancy Discrimination

To challenge pregnancy discrimination, it is crucial to collect evidence and seek legal counsel from an experienced employment law attorney. The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline represents clients in discrimination law cases, offering guidance in formulating an action strategy and navigating through the court process. The firm represents both plaintiffs subjected to discrimination and employers who face wrongful accusations.

Recognizing Pregnancy Discrimination

Common indicators of pregnancy discrimination encompass denial of reasonable accommodations, forced leave despite the availability of a reasonable accommodation, unequal treatment compared to non-pregnant employees, and exposure to adverse actions such as demotion or termination.

Taking Action Against Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination is a grave issue with significant implications for employees and employers alike. It is vital for women to understand their rights and contest discriminatory behavior. Seeking legal advice and asserting one’s rights is instrumental in combating pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline is committed to serving justice and protecting your rights.

Contact Our Firm to Discuss Your Case

If you are experiencing pregnancy discrimination at work, remember that you are not alone. Reach out to us at the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline for professional, compassionate, and reliable guidance. Stand up for your rights, seek legal counsel, and take action against pregnancy discrimination alongside our experienced attorney.