Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me

Sexual harassment is one of the most common types of job discrimination. A sexual harassment lawyer can help put a stop to it while holding your employer accountable. You may be asking yourself, “Is there a sexual harassment lawyer near me?” At The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline,  we have more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of clients in these types of cases. Find out how we can help you. 

Protection Against Sexual Harassment in Illinois

Sexual harassment can impact people of any gender and may be perpetrated in the workplace by a co-worker, supervisor, business owner, or anyone you come in contact with. At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, we protect your rights when facing sexual harassment in Illinois. Common types of sexual harassment include: 

  • Requesting sexual favors or ‘dates’ in exchange for being hired, keeping your job, or obtaining a promotion;
  • Making sexual advances in the workplace;
  • Making sexual jokes or lewd comments, either verbally or via bulletin boards, emails, texts, and other communications;
  • Obviously favoring one sex over another when it comes to holding positions of authority in the company or in performing certain types of tasks. 

If you are facing this type of discrimination on your job, you can report it by calling the Illinois Sexual Harassment and Discrimination hotline.  As it is not uncommon for an employer to take retaliatory actions against workers who stand up against discrimination in the workplace, you should also get an experienced Illinois sexual harassment lawyer on your side. 

We Hold At-Fault Employers Accountable

How do I find a sexual harassment lawyer? Simply reach out to the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. With decades’ worth of experience on our side, we can guide you in both the state and federal laws that are in place to protect you while taking the legal actions needed to hold your employer accountable. 

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advises that employers can be held liable for sexual harassment in the following situations: 

  • For engaging in sexual harassment themselves;
  • For allowing sexual harassment to occur in the workplace;
  • For not taking appropriate actions once an incident is reported;
  • For retaliating against employees who report sexual harassment. 

In addition to being reinstated on your job, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and other costs, including pain, suffering, and medical expenses, in a sexual harassment claim. 

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If you are wondering, “Is there a sexual harassment lawyer near me?”, look no further than The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. Call or contact our office online and request a confidential consultation today.