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Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorneys Cook County

Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorneys Cook County

Although its population has shrunk in recent years, Cook County is still the second-most populous county in the United States. It is also one of the most diverse places in America. Most people in Cook County work hard every day and count on every penny they earn. Even a minor wage or overtime dispute could have a serious impact.

Many people do not think there is anything they can do in such situations. The Cook County wage and overtime dispute attorneys at the Law Office of Mitchell Kline do not hesitate to take on large employers. We know that you are in the right, and that passion fuels our purpose. We work hard to uphold your legal and financial rights against employers, whether they are large or small, who try to cheat their workers.

Wage Theft in Cook County

Wage theft is one of the most serious employment law issues in Cook County. Many companies do not think their employees will miss a few dollars here and there. Or, at least they think their employees will not take legal action.

Unlawful deductions are a good example. Employers can only deduct money from paychecks for certain purposes and if the employee agrees, in writing, to the deduction.

On a related note, salaried workers are entitled to a full day’s pay even if they only worked part of the day. Docking a paycheck due to tardiness or leaving early is illegal. Poor attendance could create some issues, but lost wages is not one of them.

Additionally, when employees must stand in security lines, put on safety equipment when they arrive and take it off before they leave, and participate in related activities, they are entitled to compensation for this time at their regular pay rate.

Frequently, this time only amounts to a few minutes a day. So, many of these victims do not think a legal claim is worthwhile. But these nickels and dimes quickly add up to quarters and dollars. For employers who have several hundred workers, the unjust enrichment adds up even more quickly.

Finally, tip theft is rather common in the hospitality industry. Only customer-facing workers get a share of a tip pool. Managers, shift managers, and backroom employees, like dishwashers, do not get a share.

Who is Entitled to Overtime Pay?

All blue-collar workers and most white-collar workers are entitled to overtime pay. That means time and a half for 40+ hours in a week as well as certain days, such as weekends and holidays. The list of exemptions is short, and recent events have made the list shorter. Exempt employees include:

  • Highly-compensated workers who earn more than $107,000 per year,
  • Sales and computer employees,
  • Full-time administrators,
  • Executives, and
  • Professionals.

The professional exception is a good example of this expansion. These individuals are overtime-exempt only if the work requires a great deal of independent judgment and discretion. Grading papers at night arguably does not meet this added definition.

Additionally, lawmakers specifically separated front-line workers and emergency responders, such as nurses, firefighters, and hazardous materials workers, from the overtime exemptions.

Team Up with a Diligent Lawyer

Wage and hour laws help ensure fair compensation for a full day’s work. For a free consultation with an experienced Cook County workplace discrimination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. Virtual, after-hours, and home visits are available.

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