Workplace Discrimination Lawyers Near Me

Workplace Discrimination Lawyers Near Me

Location is not only important in real estate. It is also a critical element of a successful attorney-client partnership. Unless these two parties are close together geographically, a close partnership is difficult, and in these cases, the results often suffer.

At the Law Office of Mitchell Kline, our workplace discrimination lawyers near you are conveniently located near the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. So, whether you are traveling by car, bus, or train, we are only a short distance away from most places in Cook County. 

Location is not just a physical quality. Your attorney should also understand what working people go through every day. In other words, they must be emotionally close as well as physically close.

We also meet that definition. Like you, our workplace discrimination lawyers work here and raise families here. We are invested in the community and invested in your future. That is one reason we work so hard on your behalf.

Workplace Bias and the EEOC

If you are dealing with an employment discrimination issue, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission technically has jurisdiction over this claim. Unfortunately, the EEOC is not an employment discrimination lawyer near you, at least from an emotional standpoint. Most EEOC lawyers are really government bureaucrats who are looking to work their way up the ladder. So, your employment discrimination claim is little more than a stepping stone.

As a result, unless the claim has very clear legal issues and an eye-popping amount of compensation is available, EEOC bureaucrats will probably refuse to help. That is especially true if your claim does not happen to meet the current EEOC political agenda.

Furthermore, from a physical standpoint, EEOC lawyers and investigators only meet with victims if it lines up with their daily schedules.

So, if the EEOC refuses to take your case, it is probably not because your case is weak or meritless. It’s simply because that specific matter does not line up with current EEOC priorities. But Mitchell Kline has no such constraints. We work for you, and not for ourselves or to please the higher-ups in Washington. 

Your Claim for Damages

Essentially, workplace discrimination is any adverse action against an individual who belongs to a protected class or participated in a protected activity. Malice is not an element of these claims. 

Protected classes include workers over 40, disabled individuals, females, and most people on the LGBTQ spectrum. So, most Cook County workers belong to at least one protected class. Protected activities include any form of labor organization and any whistleblowing.

Once victims establish a prima facie claim, the employer has the burden of proof, and the burden of persuasion, to show a discriminatory-neutral reason for the adverse action. Examples include a poor attendance record, a disciplinary issue, and downsizing due to economic slowdown.

If the supposed “neutral reason” is merely a pretext for discrimination, the employer’s defense will not hold up in court.

Reach Out to an Experienced Lawyer

A strong network of laws protects Illinois workers from illegal discrimination. For a free consultation with an experienced workplace discrimination lawyer near you, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. Virtual, after-hours, and home visits are available.