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Female Soldiers File Suit Against Pentagon for Allowing Sexual Harassment

Female Soldiers File Suit Against Pentagon for Allowing Sexual Harassment

No one should ever have to be the victim of any kind of sexual harassment or assault in any environment, or suffer the humiliation that can come with such actions. Unfortunately the work place is often home to these kinds of activities and the victims are often ostracized for making any kind of accusations against a fellow worker. However, sexual harassment should never be tolerated and anyone who has been the victim of harassment or assault in the metropolitan Chicago area should stand up for his or her rights.

Four women, who either still serve or once served, in the U.S. military, have filed a joint lawsuit in federal court against the Pentagon for failing to handle their claims of sexual harassment and abuse properly. According to reports, the women claim that the military has created a sexually hostile environment that advocates many kinds of sexual misconduct including assault and violent and obscene verbal abuse. Some of the women involved in the suit claim that they were the victims of rape by superior officers, who have never been reprimanded for their actions.

The women also say that they have been forced to view pornographic images and have been the victims of officers exposing themselves. In their suit, the women also claim that the military has done nothing to prevent this widespread sexual harassment. The victims claim that the military has allowed retaliation against anyone who makes these kinds of claims. In fact, according to a recent study by the Pentagon, more than 60 percent of those serving in the military that have reported some form of sexual harassment or assault also experience retaliation for reporting it, which includes verbal harassment, a pay reduction or a decrease in rank.

These allegations are obviously very serious and it would appear that the Pentagon has some work to do to help provide a safe work environment where everyone can be free of any kind of sexual harassment or assault. No one in any work environment should have to go through these kinds of scenarios. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace then stand up for your rights. Contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline today. With more than 30 years of experience helping victims of sexual harassment, I can help you stand up against the perpetrator and see that the behavior stops. Please give me a call today in Chicago if you are dealing with this kind of situation at your workplace. Call 312-558-1454 or click here.