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Ford Fights Back in Latest Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Ford Fights Back in Latest Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual harassment lawsuits can be a very hot-button issue and usually those accused of such offenses don’t take the charges lightly. While many sexual harassment suits can take a long time to reach a conclusion that does not mean someone who has been the victim of sexual harassment should not make their voice heard. Recently we discussed a sexual harassment lawsuit involving several workers at various plants owned by the Ford Motor Company in the Chicago area.

In that lawsuit, 33 women claim that they have been the victims of sexual harassment at work, including request for sexual favors, attempted rape and unwanted sexual advances and touching, among other things. The women listed several other offenses in their lawsuit and claim that this kind of behavior has been occurring since the 1980s. Despite these claims, Ford is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed, based on many different legal grounds. For example, according to court documents Ford claims that the complaints from five of the women should be thrown out because those women failed to disclose their lawsuit against the auto manufacturer in their bankruptcy filings, as part of their potential assets.

However, the women claim that the abuse has been going on for years and that more recently, several women have been subject to many different kinds of sexual harassment and discrimination. According to the suit, men were given extra off-days that women were not and that the men were paid for overtime even when they didn’t work the extra hours. Women on the other hand did not receive the same privileges. Additionally, the women claim that they were threatened with being fired if they reported any of the harassment or discrimination to managers.

This case will obviously continue to go back and forth. It could eventually go to trial, but it is also very likely that the company will look to settle before it gets that far. Sexual harassment and discrimination are not OK, and anyone who is going through this kind of treatment should not stay silent. Stand up for your rights and speak with an experienced Chicago sexual harassment attorney as soon as you can. At the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline we have the experience and knowledge it takes to fight for your rights and to see that you are treated justly. Please click here to contact us or give us a call today at 312-558-1454.


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