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Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated in Chicago?

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated in Chicago?

There are many different kinds of work situations and relationships in the working world. Some people in Chicago have great working relationships, while other people experience a much more difficult work environment. Sometimes, when bosses and employees don’t always see eye-to-eye it can lead to an uncomfortable work environment. In some situations it can even lead to a boss treating an employee in an unfair manner. Eventually, a person in position of authority might decide to simply fire the employee with whom he or she disagrees.

Employees Do Have Rights

However, just because a person in authority doesn’t like someone, that might not be a sufficient reason to terminate his or her employment. Unfair or wrongful termination occurs when a person loses his or her job for an unfair or invalid reason. In that type of situation the terminated employee should speak with a wrongful termination attorney. In addition, even if your employer tells you that they are letting you go for one reason but you suspect that it is actually for a different reason that is invalid or discriminatory, then you should contact an experienced employment law attorney.

At Will State

It is important to note that Illinois is an at will state, which means a business can essentially fire anyone at any time without even having a reason. However, that doesn’t mean wrongful terminations don’t occur. Every employee does have rights when it comes to discriminatory factors. In other words, if you have been fired because of any kind of discrimination or because of retaliation because you exercised your rights, then you might have a wrongful termination case. In addition, if by firing you, your employer illegally breaks a contract, you could also have a case.

Wrongful Termination Is Not OK

While it is possible for people in the metropolitan Chicago area to be terminated from their employment, no one should be fired unfairly or illegally. If you feel that you have been let go from your job for an invalid reason, then don’t just stand by and let it happen. Please contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline for help. We have more than 30 years battling for employees’ rights in the workplace, and we’ll battle for your rights as well. Contact us today at 312-558-1454 for a consultation. You can also click here to connect with us online. We will help you fight your wrongful termination.