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Hospital Avoids Trial, Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

Hospital Avoids Trial, Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

There are all kinds of situations that can lead to sexual harassment. While in most instances sexual harassment involves someone in a position of authority abusing that authority in attempt to gain sexual privileges, there are many different kinds of circumstances that can lead to sexual harassment. Even people who were once romantically involved with one another outside of the workplace, can end up in a sexual harassment type situation if the relationship takes a turn for the worse.

An Indianapolis hospital has apparently reached a settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit that was on the brink of going to trial. According to reports, a former resident doctor was asking for millions of dollars after she claims she was the victim of sexual harassment and intimidation. The settlement was reached just three days before the case was set to begin in court. According to court documents, neither side revealed the amount of the settlement but it was believed to be worth more than $1 million because the woman had already turned a previous offer that she deemed to low that was just less than $1 million.

The hospital, one of the doctors who formally worked there, and his wife were all named as defendants in the lawsuit. According to reports, the female resident and the doctor in question did engage in a romantic relationship, but when the woman ended their relationship the male doctor continued to pressure her. Details of the lawsuit claim that he gave her gifts and showed up unexpectedly at her home. After she continued to refuse to be involved with him, the resident claims that he gave her bad performance reviews, which caused her to eventually be terminated from the residency program.

This is an unfortunate situation for this young woman who was allegedly subject to inappropriate behavior by this doctor. Not only did she have to endure his negative behavior, but her career also suffered greatly due to the doctor’s alleged actions. No one should have to go through a situation like this at work, or anywhere else. Anyone who is going through these same kind of circumstances at his or her workplace should also take the necessary steps to prevent it from continuing, including filing a lawsuit if necessary. At the law Office of Mitchell A. Kline we handle sexual harassment cases every day in Chicago and we understand how to get you the damages you deserve. Please contact our office today by calling us at 312-558-1454. You can also click here to connect with us online.


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