How to Develop an Effective Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Program

How to Develop an Effective Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Program

After the #MeToo movement hit the country several years ago, employers and people in general have become more aware of how pervasive sexual harassment is in society. It can happen anywhere, but it is especially common in the workplace. This is frustrating because people spend a lot of time at work. 

As an employer, your responsibility is to create a safe working environment. This means making sure employees know what is acceptable and what is not, particularly when it comes to sexual harassment. Here is how to develop an effective training program

Customize the Training

Most training programs out there are meant to be a one-size-fits-all approach. This may not work for your specific organization, so make sure you tailor the program so that it fits the needs of your company. If you are using a generic program to teach sexual harassment, it is not going to work. It may be a good idea to get the input of employees. What questions do they have about sexual harassment and what do they want to learn about it?

Choose the Right Format

Will the training be done in person or online? This will depend on your company. If your employees are fully remote, then obviously online training will be preferred. But if your employees are mainly on-site, then in-person training may be more effective. In any case, pay attention to employee reactions afterward. Did they find the training effective? What questions do they have about the topic and how can they be addressed?

Focus on Unacceptable Behaviors

Some behaviors may be legal but unacceptable in the workplace. For example, your company may not allow employees to have romantic relationships with each other, even though most companies do allow it. So make sure that the training program focuses not only on legal compliance but also the rules of your company to drive the point home.

Think About Your Goals

What do you want employees to learn from the program? If you want employees to know that even seemingly minor offenses are not acceptable, then ensure the program makes that clear. Not all work environments are created equal, so create a training program that makes sense for your workplace. 

Keep it Going

Sexual harassment training us not just a one-and-done activity. Prepare to train employees on an ongoing basis, as it can be difficult to include every situation and topic in one session. It may be helpful to have the training created by our employment lawyer, Mitchell Kline.

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Sexual harassment is a hot topic in the workplace. Make sure your employees are aware of harassment and how it affects others. A good training program can help.

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