How to Know When it is Time to Talk to an Employment Attorney

How to Know When it is Time to Talk to an Employment Attorney

Disputes can easily arise between employers and their employees due to a variety of reasons. As these have the potential to jeopardize the financial security of both parties involved, it is important to take action to protect yourself in this situation. The following explains how to know when it is time to talk to an experienced employment attorney

When Should an Employer Contact an Employment Attorney in Illinois?

Under the Illinois Statutes, we are an at-will employment state. This is meant to encourage the success of businesses by protecting the rights of employers and allowing them to change the positions of employees within their companies as well as their job duties, hours, pay, and benefits as they want. They can also terminate employment without providing written warnings or any advance notice for any reason, or even for no reason at all. 

However, there are still state and federal laws prohibiting employers from engaging in certain types of behaviors. Penalties for these can be severe, including fines and having to pay wronged employees compensation for back pay, legal fees, and other expenses. Disputes in which you should contact an employment attorney in Illinois immediately include: 

  • You have been accused of discrimination based on the employee’s age, race, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability status;
  • You or someone working in your business is accused of sexual harassment or creating a hostile work environment;
  • An employee is making accusations of unsafe conditions on the job;
  • An employee alleging that you are engaged in some type of illegal activity. 

When to Talk to an Employment Attorney if You are an Employee

While state laws making Illinois an at-will employment state do benefit employers, employees still have rights under both state and federal labor laws. To protect themselves, employees should contact an experienced employment attorney in the following situations: 

  • If you have a dispute involving wages and overtime pay;
  • If you face discrimination or harassment on the job;
  • If you are required to work in unsafe conditions or lack the proper safety equipment and specialized training;
  • If you are being asked to engage in illegal activities;
  • If you face retaliatory actions for reporting any of the above or for filing a workers’ compensation claim;
  • If you are fired or demoted from your job in violation of current employment contracts that are in place;

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