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Man Sues Apple, Claims Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Man Sues Apple, Claims Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

People get fired from work all the time. There are all kinds of reasons that a company can choose to let an employee go. While many of those reason are legitimate, like poor performance, poor attendance, or a company cut-back, there are also many other not-so-legitimate reasons that people get fired, For example, sometimes companies fire employees because of their race, religion or gender. These are not legitimate reasons to fire someone and they should not go uncontested.

A former manager at a Chicago area Apple Store has filed a lawsuit against the company for what he says was discrimination and harassment. The lawsuit claims that the company is guilty of several offenses, including unlawful sexual harassment, retaliatory discharge, unlawful discrimination on account of sexual orientation disability discrimination and failure to accommodate. According to the man’s suit, when he spoke up against the company’s practice of not reporting customer returns as a part of its sales numbers, which he considered to be fraud, he was ordered to remain quiet while the manager fixed it. However, the man found out a few days later that the same manager had indicated to two other supervisors that the man had given his two weeks’ notice and was quitting.

Upon telling his manager that he was not planning to quit, the man claims that she threatened to fire him. The man is seeking unspecified damages in his lawsuit, which also claims that he was ostracized and publicly humiliated and ultimately fired for his disability. He also claims that the company illegally shared information about his mental health and that he was told if he did not leave in two weeks he would be fired.

This man’s charges are very serious and if the company and the store manger are guilty of the charges then he could receive compensation in a trial or a settlement. This is exactly the type of situation that we handle every day at the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. We know that these cases can be very complicated and that they are rarely black and white. With so many possible twists and turns you need the help of an experienced sexual harassment attorney on your side if you are going through this kind of situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mitchell A. Kline in Chicago today at 312-558-1454, or click here to contact us online if you, or someone you know, have been the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination.