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Mitch Kline Quoted in the Chicago Tribune Regarding Sexual Harassment

Mitch Kline Quoted in the Chicago Tribune Regarding Sexual Harassment

During the morning of November 4, 2019 Mitch Kline received a call from Chicago Tribune reporter, Robert Channick. Mr. Channick told Mitch that he was called because Mitch’s website showed that he was very experienced with sexual harassment cases; and Channick wanted Mitch’s comments regarding the firing of McDonalds’ CEO regarding the violation of its sexual harassment policy.

Mr. Channick’s story appeared in the Tribune e-newspaper on November 4 and its newspaper on Nov 5. Mitch was quoted as stating:

It’s a powerful message to men in powerful positions.

In fact, this quote was the headline for Mr. Channick’s e-newspaper article. In addition, Mitch stated:

“… the inherent power of a CEO makes it hard for an office relationship to be truly consensual, with subordinates potentially participating out of a desire for advancement or fear of retribution… the more powerful the person, the harder it is to actually enforce a policy prohibiting dating relationships-consensual or not. By standing up to its own CEO, the McDonald’s board may have put teeth in company dating policies across the country.”

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