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Mitch Kline wins in the Appellate Court

Mitch Kline wins in the Appellate Court

Police line barricade for Chicago police when needing Employment Lawyer Chicago.

Mitch Kline recently won an appeal in the Illinois Appellate Court. The case was against the Chicago Pension Board.

Mitch was representing a Chicago police officer, who had worked fifteen years for the City. In 2016, she developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [ PTSD] when she was responding to an armed robbery situation. She has been unable to work, since she developed PTSD.

Mitch’s client was requesting an “on duty” pension, which is 75% of her salary. The Board was only offering her a 50% pension, which is based on an injury that is not work related. Mitch convinced the Court that his client deserved the 75% pension.

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