Injured at Work? Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Chicago Sets the Record Straight

The basics of workers’ compensation law in Chicago

Workers’ compensation law focuses on paying the worker for time off work because of injury and paying the medical bills. All workers’ compensation attorneys in Chicago recognize that the workplace should be safe. The government heavily regulates the sanitation, safety and health standards at work. When a person sustains an injury at work, this may require taking time to rest and rehabilitate. To recuperate sufficiently, the injured party loses wages while he or she is away. Our Chicago workers compensation attorney fights for this compensation.

An injured employee is entitled to compensation during the healing process and job security for when he or she can return to work, especially if the workplace was particularly dangerous. If an employee is injured so seriously that he or she can no longer work, the company may have to pay for lost wages that the person can no longer earn. If you were injured on the job, call our Chicago workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline today to see if you qualify for workers’ compensation.

Workers compensation claims in Chicago

Our workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago knows that almost any injury sustained on the job may qualify for workers’ compensation. This is only a partial list:

  • Broken fingers due to defective machinery
  • Serious cases of asthma developed as a result of unsanitary working conditions
  • Spine or back pain from heavy lifting without proper safeguards or training
  • Burns sustained because the company did not provide protection from chemical spills

In Illinois, workers’ compensation payments cover more than just medical bills

An experienced Chicago employment law attorney wins big for his clients. If someone is injured on the job, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commissions may award a variety of compensation. For example, a competent attorney in Chicago may win:

  • Any losses in salary because of time away from the job to rehabilitate the injury
  • Medical expenses, including x-rays, doctors’ visits and physical therapy
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Potential loss of salary
  • Potential loss of enjoyment of life
    • For example, if a young father loses his ability to walk because of a malfunctioning machine at work, he may be awarded a substantial sum of money because he cannot run with his young children.

Call our workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago today

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