Wrongful/Unlawful Termination

Chicago Wrongful and Unlawful Termination Attorney

Chicago attorney protects victims of wrongful termination

Wrongful or unfair termination occurs when an employee loses his or her job for an invalid reason, and our wrongful termination attorney in Chicago knows what the courts consider to be an invalid reason. An employee may also be a victim of wrongful termination if an employer gives one reason for firing the employee, but the employee believes that the true reason is something different, unfair and inexcusable. Our Chicago wrongful termination lawyer knows that the law protects victims of wrongful dismissal. If you were fired for an unfair reason, or because of retaliation, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline to speak with a seasoned Chicago wrongful termination lawyer today.

What to do if you are wrongfully terminated in metropolitan Chicago

If you lost your job and the circumstances may result in a wrongful termination claim, our Chicago employment law attorney is here to help. We walk you through the legal process from beginning to end- to your complete satisfaction. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, follow these guidelines:

  • Write down a timeline of the events leading up to the termination.
    • Did you see any warning signs?
    • Were other employees laid off?
    • Did your boss mention wanting to downsize or rearrange the company or cut costs?
  • As you remember it, write down exactly what reason your boss provided for terminating your employment.
    • Did your boss mention a reason that was news to you?
    • Did something your boss say strike you as discriminatory or degrading?
  • Take note of what happened after you were wrongfully terminated.
    • Was your supervisor apologetic, angry or regretful?
    • Did you complain that you think the reason for termination was not fair?
    • Did you make any attempts to try to keep your job?
    • Was your position filled with someone with lesser qualifications or someone who would accept a lower wage?
    • How much money have you lost as a result of the wrongful termination?
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If you may be the victim of wrongful termination, contact The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline today for a free initial consultation with our wrongful termination attorney in Chicago.