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State Lawmakers Grapple Over Illinois Workers’ Comp Laws

State Lawmakers Grapple Over Illinois Workers’ Comp Laws

What happens when someone is hurt on the job? Should that worker be compensated for his or her injuries as well as for the income lost for work time that is missed? Workers’ compensation for sick or injured employees can be a touchy subject for some employers as they often claim that workers are simply trying to cheat them out of money by faking their injuries or illness. However, in many instances, workers who really are hurt or sick because of conditions directly related to work, end up with no compensation for the income they lose due to lost work time. This kind of situation is not fair, yet it happens more than you might think.

In addition, many employees who are hurt on the job do receive workers’ compensation, but the amount of money they receive does not cover the medical care needed. The topic of workers’ compensation in the state of Illinois recently made it to the state House as lawmakers discussed important issues involving compensating sick and injured workers. At issue is the cost of workers’ compensation to businesses and employers. While the governor wants to overhaul the current system, Democratic leaders have nothing but praise for the system they helped pass in 2011.

During the meetings important questions were discussed such as, how much is an injury really worth, and how well does the state handle workers’ compensation claims? Several people who have dealt with workers’ compensation claims were represented at the meetings, while employers who pay into the system were given a brief opportunity to express their desired changes to the system. One employer expressed his desire for lower medical costs under workers’ compensation. It remains to be seen how hard the governor will push for changes to the current system, but one thing remains certain, the debate over workers’ compensation in Illinois is sure to continue.

While workers’ compensation can be a touchy subject between employers and employees, the fact is, anyone who is hurt on the job deserves to be fairly compensated for his or her loss of income. If you have been injured at work and you are not receiving the amount of workers’ compensation to which you are entitled, then you need to contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline, an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorney. We will fight to see that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Please give us a call at 312-558-1454. You can also connect with us online by clicking here.