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Common Types of Workplace Disability Discrimination

People with disabilities are often forced to overcome numerous challenges in the course of daily life. Unfortunately, this includes major hurdles in finding work, obtaining fair pay, and dealing with [...]

Employment Discrimination in the 21st Century

In response to a growing social, political, and economic movement, lawmakers passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. This law contained a number of provisions which applied to discriminatory employment p[...]

FAQs About Reasonable Workplace Accommodations

The reasonable accommodation rule is one of the bedrock principles in the Americans With Disabilities Act. Disabled individuals who are otherwise qualified for a job must, by law, be provided with the[...]

Top Five FMLA Situations

Proper work-life balance, particularly regarding health issues, is important to both employers and employees. Typically, workers can set aside such concerns and effectively focus on their jobs. When t[...]

Top Five Occupational Diseases in Chicago

Most people know workers’ compensation applies to falls and other trauma injuries sustained at work. These benefits are available for occupational diseases, as well. These conditions occur over the [...]

How Do I Get a Disability Accommodation at Work?

One of my law school professors told us “you never get anything unless you ask.” In other words, we should always ask for things with confidence, especially if we are legally entitled to those thi[...]


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