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Des Plaines Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorney

Des Plaines Wage and Overtime Dispute Attorney

In some ways, Des Plaines is a monument to working men and women. The first McDonald’s franchise appeared in Des Plaines in 1955. The city also received the state’s final casino license in 2008. For the thousands of residents who work in restaurants, casinos, and other parts of the hospitality industry, every dime counts. Indeed, many of these families depend on a fair wage for a fair day’s work, or a fair wage for more than a fair day’s work.

Unfortunately, many large employers take unfair advantage of their size and the confusing nature of wage and overtime laws to trample workers’ rights. When that happens, Mitchell Kline, a Des Plaines wage and overtime dispute attorney, works hard to stop such abuses. We never take shortcuts or look for the easy way out. Instead, we build solid claims one piece of evidence at a time and then do not settle for anything less than the best possible result.

Common Wage Earner Issues

There is considerable debate as to whether raising the minimum wage helps or hurts workers. One thing is certain: Employees who earn the minimum wage are at the bottom of the pile. As such, they often feel like there is no place for them to turn when they do not receive a fair wage. But that is not true.

The “unpaid intern” is a good example. Once upon a time, internships were proving grounds for permanent employment. Today’s interns often replace entry-level employees. Interns send faxes, fetch coffee, tidy the office, and perform other low-level tasks.

There is nothing wrong with doing this kind of work, but it is wrong to call these workers “interns” and deny them the minimum wages they deserve.

Frequently, Des Plaines wage and overtime dispute attorneys file large class action claims in these circumstances. If an employer ignored one person’s economic rights, it almost certainly did the same thing to others. Class action claims allow plaintiffs to pool their resources and obtain large judgements which force employers to change the way they do business.

Higher wage earners often have issues with illegal deductions. Employers can deduct taxes and certain fees. Generally, they cannot take money from paychecks unless the employees provide written consent. Individually, many illegal deductions are just nickels and dimes. These nickels and dimes quickly add up to quarters and dollars.

Common Overtime Issues

The overtime laws are quite complex, especially after they were overhauled during the Obama years. White collar professionals who receive set salaries are exempt from overtime. Everyone else is entitled to overtime. There are exceptions, of course. Some professionals are arguably entitled to time-and-a-half, and some blue collar workers are overtime exempt. Only a Des Plaines wage and overtime dispute attorney can evaluate your case and know for sure.

Reach Out to an Experienced Lawyer

Employees have an absolute right to a fair wage for a fair day’s work. For a free consultation with an experienced Des Plaines wage and overtime lawyer, contact the Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these cases.

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