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Aggressive Employment Lawyer in Chicago, IL Fights for Victims of Civil Rights Violations

The ABCs of Chicago civil rights law

In 1776, our country’s founding fathers established basic civil rights for every human being. Whether it is freedom of speech, freedom of association or freedom from police brutality, the law protects all Chicago area residents. Our Chicago civil rights team at The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline has worked tirelessly over the last three decades to protect the fundamental freedoms of fellow Chicagoans. If you think your civil rights were violated, contact our Chicago civil rights attorney today for your free consultation.

Chicago and the freedoms of speech and association

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American the basic freedoms of speech and association. This is the most common issue in civil rights law in Chicago. Anyone who is fired or demoted because of his or her political beliefs or for supporting a particular political party has a strong claim under a civil rights violation theory. If your speech was stifled at work or you said something and then you were punished just for the words, contact our civil rights attorney in Chicago today to discuss the specifics of your case. You may be entitled to compensation.

Freedom from police brutality in Chicago

Police brutality stirs up images of justice gone horribly wrong. The police have weapons and power and using them to abuse innocent Chicago residents is simply inexcusable. The victims are often poor African Americans, which implies that the abuse is racially-motivated. Police officers are civil servants who are supposed to represent morals within each society. If you think you may be the victim of police brutality, contact our civil rights lawyer today to discuss your case and compensation. Following are examples of police brutality where the victims may deserve compensation for their pain and suffering:

  • Humiliating a driver with verbal attacks during a routine traffic stop
  • Using psychological intimidation to obtain a confession
  • Applying handcuffs with excessive force
  • Racial profiling or using racist words
  • Police corruption of any kind

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If your civil rights were violated, contact The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline today for a free initial consultation with our Chicago civil rights lawyer.

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