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The legal team at The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline has been fighting for discrimination victims in metropolitan Chicago for more than three decades. One of the basic freedoms guaranteed to all Americans is to be free from discrimination based on age, gender, disability, race or religion. If your case does not fit one of these main categories, you are still protected under Illinois law. For example, discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal, and Mitch fights for victims of all types of discrimination. Contact our Chicago discrimination attorney today for a free initial consultation.

Types of discrimination:

Age discrimination in Chicago

In Chicago and all throughout the United States, you cannot discriminate against someone based on his or her age alone. This arises too often in the employment arena where a younger employee gets the raise or promotion instead of the older employee with better qualifications.

Gender discrimination in Chicago

Gender discrimination occurs when a person’s gender stands in the way of some right or privilege. Both men and women in Chicago are victims of gender discrimination. For example, if a woman and a man are both working toward the same job or promotion and the one who is less qualified gets the job or promotion, this may be a case of gender discrimination.

Disability discrimination in Chicago

A person is a victim of disability discrimination when he or she is discriminated against because of some physical, mental or emotional disability or hardship. This includes physical disabilities such as poor vision or wheelchair confinement, mental disabilities such as dyslexia and emotional disabilities such as bipolar disorder.

Racial discrimination in Chicago

Discrimination based on race or color is absolutely illegal in Chicago. If you were discriminated against because you are black or Hispanic, contact our Chicago employment law lawyer today for a free initial consultation.

Religious discrimination in Chicago

Freedom of religion is one of the basic rights of every American and has been since our nation’s founding in 1776. If your religion is the reason you were denied some right or privilege, call our discrimination attorney in Chicago today.

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